Christopher Burkett's new book, Resplendent Light is now available

Trade Edition-cloth bound: $65
Special Edition book and print set $750.

Christopher Burkett crafted Resplendent Light with the same care and precision expressed in his photographs. The book's 156 pages include 68 plates and an essay by James Enyeart.

Christopher and Ruth Burkett self published this book to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible.The separations are scanned from the exhibition prints, and are as close as you can get with ink on paper to the originals. Dual Graphics printed the book on Ikono gloss 115# paper from Germany which is one of the finest papers made.


There is also a special book and print set that offers the same contents as the regular book, but is hand-bound with special touches. This includes a special fabric for the book cover, a leather rounded spine that is gold foil stamped, special end leaf paper, and a custom slipcase that has a recessed leather signature of Christopher Burkett's in matching gold foil. The book and print sets are individually signed and numbered.

You have a choice of one of the 11x11" Ilfochrome photographs pictured above: Resplendent Leaves at Sunset, Glowing Winter Aspen, or Day's End. Each print is hand made and signed by Christopher Burkett and includes a double archival mat.
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Trade Edition-cloth bound: $85 limited number left

Christopher Burkett crafted this retrospective volume with the same care and precision expressed in his photographs. The book's 180 pages include 73 plates and four essays.

The separations are scanned from original prints. Gardner Lithograph printed this book on Ikono gloss 115# paper from Germany- one of the finest papers made.
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